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We fly a Cessna 206 Stationair at altitudes of 1500~2100 feet to facilitate a panoramic view of the glittering lights of Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles covers an area of around 55000 square miles and is considered to be one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the world. The experience of seeing it from above will leave you with some incredible memory.
Night Flight Package


For our most popular package,


memories!Couples… For wedding proposals or anniversaries(Click here for charter packages that include flower bouquets)Friends… How about a surprise birthday present?Families…How about the family celebrating your child’s college acceptance or graduation? Watch your children’s eyes go wide with wonder!Couples…Put another page in your book of memories for your wedding anniversary!This panoramic view can only be seen from the skies above L.A.Make your reservation now.


Per Person    $160
Flower Plan


A package recommended for couples or partners. How about giving with a bouquet of flowers to fulfill an unspoken dream or for an unforgettable evening celebrating a birthday, wedding proposal, anniversary or other special occasion?


How about a congratulatory bouquet to make your special anniversary memorable? We can help you express your feelings.During the Night Flights, we provide complementary flowers to suit the occasion, be it birthday, wedding or other occasion.


Par Person $199 with 
Small bouquet $20
Midium bouquet $40
Large bouquet $60
Example of calculation:Flower package A with a per person flight charge of $199:$199×2 + flower bouquet of$20Total of $418
eFamily Package 


A package offering savings for 3 or more passengers. For those who want to have fun with their close friends or family members.An experience that will bring you closer 


A package offering savings for 4 or more passengers. Since a Cessna charter can accommodate up to 5 passengers, enjoy a thrilling flight with your closest friends.Enjoy an unforgettable experience on a flight with your family or a group of friends!


Per groups (Max 5 people)


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