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Terms of  Service

Read and agree to the following conditions when making a reservation.


1 :Payment may be made by the credit card used to make the reservation or in cash on the day of the flight.


2 :Services offered by our company are all denominated in US dollars, and are all subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the credit card company or payment company used at the time of payment. Therefore, any changes or cancellations for the services purchased may be subject to a balance due to difference in rates on the date converted.

3:Our company accepts no liability whatsoever for exchange rates or exchange risks.Meeting Place and Time

Place meeting and time

1 : Verify the meeting place and time on the confirmation issued at the time of the reservation.

2 :Due to various circumstances, the meeting place and time may change at the last minute. Please reconfirm by calling our number 1-424-201-9606 during business hours on the day before the scheduled flight.

3 :We accept no liability whatsoever if, for any reason, you miss your flight due to changes in the meeting time or place as the result of you not making contact. Furthermore, refunds or rescheduling will not be allowed.

4 :The meeting time for each flight will be the meeting and departure time. If you are not at the meeting location at the meeting time, this shall be considered a same day cancellation and your rights will be lost. Furthermore, refunds or rescheduling will not be allowed.

Flight Details

1 :Photographs posted on the website are representative of the sightseeing locations and environment. We may not see the local scenery from the same angle. Furthermore, stores and restaurants shown in the photographs are simply examples. Please note that we may not go to the same locations.

2 :The standard schedule posted on the website shows flight details only to a certain level. Please note that actual times may vary from the standard schedule.Notes for when the Reservation is Made


1 :We cannot offer any refunds or rescheduling if you are unable to go on our flights due to traffic conditions, including flight delays from any of the airlines. Please be aware of this type of risk when you make your reservation.


1 :All of the types of flights shown on our website are conducted according to the agreement based on the local laws where the host company is situated. Therefore, since the Japanese Travel Agency Act and travel industry provisions and other laws or regulations do not apply, please be advised that we will not be liable for any travel compensation or special indemnification.

2 :During the flight, we are not liable for any bodily injury or damage from anything other than that which the travel office is responsible for, such as natural disaster, fire, accidental disaster, government or public institution order, political change, strike, riot, war, epidemic, quarantine or custom regulation; itinerary changes, injury, theft, fraud, assault, illness or disorder occurring as the result of acts of God, or for an bodily injury or damage occurring due to acts performed by the customer in violation of any law or public policy.

3 :Furthermore, we are not liable for schedule changes by the transportation facilities, including airplanes and ships, delays, misfortune, or change in routing or for any itinerary changes occurring as a result of such actions.

4 :There may be changes to the sightseeing locations or changes to the day of departure due to acts of God, including facility closure, holidays, weather, traffic conditions, remedial action and strikes. Furthermore, there may be occasions where these situations may impact the amount of time for discretionary activities.

5 :Keep your valuables and cash on your person during the flights. We are not responsible whatsoever for loss or theft of valuables or cash.

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