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Can night cruising be done at any time?

A1. We operate 365 days a year. The night scenery of L.A. can be seen from the air and the magical orange tinted evening sky is the most expansive in the world. It has a different flavor than the neon lights of N.Y. or Las Vegas, as there is a gorgeous view of boats cruising or bobbing on the surface of the ocean with their lights glittering in the darkness.


Do I need warm clothing inside the plane during night cruising?

A2. The inside of the plane is heated so you should be fine without any special clothing.


Can I use my cell phone during the flight?

A3. For safety reasons, all passengers are requested to refrain from using cellphones during the flight.


Can I take photographs during the flight?

A4. Videos and photographs can be taken from the windows but flash photography is not allowed during takeoff or landing.


How many minutes before my scheduled flight time should I arrive?

A5. Since there are boarding procedures, come directly to the airport counter 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Since we also have other customers, we will cancel your flight reservation if you are late. In this case, your flight charges will not be refunded.


Where does the flight take off from?

A6. Compton Woodley Airport

901 W. Alondra Blvd.Compton, CA 90220


Is it noisy inside the airplane?

A7.  There is the unique engine noise but it doesn’t prevent customers from conversing with each other.


What altitude do we fly at? How fast do we fly?

A8.  We generally fly at an altitude of 1500~2000feets, at a speed of about 100mile/h.


Is the evening scenery on the later night cruising flight times prettier?

A9. There are some who think the scenery is prettier later at night when it is darker but sunset is around 4:30pm in December so it is quite dark by 5:00. Also, during the earlier time frame, the many lights from rush hour traffic and from office buildings are beautiful. If the weather is good, we offer a sunset cruise, during the twilight hours just before and after sunset. As time passes, there is a contrast between the twilight sky and the evening sky, as the view expands to reveal the lights of the city of Los Angeles tinted with orange, a sight worth seeing!


How many passengers does it take?

A10. The aircraft holds 6 people, so with a pilot, the maximum number of passengers is 5 for a single flight


What kind of plane do you fly?

A11. We use “206 Stationair” Cessnas for these flights.

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