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Privacy Policy

Knight Flite (hereafter, abbreviated as “this company”) follows the laws relating to the protection of personal information, and handles customer personal information based on the following policies.

What is considered personal information?

Information relating to the individual, identifying information for the individual, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and purchasing history, as well information that has the potential of such identification. Information combined with other information to identify individuals is also included(such as industry type).

Collecting personal information

Normally, when viewing the Knight Flite site (hereafter called “this site”), there is no need to input or disclose customer information so it can be used on an anonymous basis. However, we will ask for the customer’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to be input for member registration or product purchase as well as for inquiries and reviews. Please see “3. Purposes for using personal information” regarding the purpose of use for such information and “4. Managing personal information” for managing such information.

Purposes for using personal information

This company uses personal information for the following purposes.

Sending products to the customer, credit applications and payment information such as credit card numbers and bank accounts designated for payment.

Verification of order details and delivery methods.

Information relating to sales, products or services provided by this company.

Results of surveys or opinions received from customers, history of usage.

Use when necessary for operating other sites.Managing personal information

This company manages personal information with the following system.

Use of personal information is limited to only those who need it to perform their duties, and comprehensive management of the details containing personal information is conducted. There may be instances where a portion of the personal information is provided to an outside party for the purposes of performing duties relating to providing products or services to the customer. In these instances, the party commissioned to perform such duties is instructed on how to properly handle personal information.


Personal information not needed is deleted from time to time.

Disclosing personal information

Unless agreement is received from the customer, this company will not disclose personal information to third parties. However, this shall not apply in the following instances.

In the event of a request from governmental authorities, courts, public prosecutors, police, the bar association, consumer information center and any institution such rights.

In the event of special regulations specified in laws and ordinances.In the event of an inability to obtain consent by the individual, as necessary for protecting or defending the rights, property or services of this company due to actions in violation of the terms of service or precautions of this company or of laws or ordinances.

In the event of commissioning to an outside party deemed necessary, such as a forwarding agent to perform business with the customer, including the delivery of products, such information will not be provided to third parties.

Scope of Application

The scope of application for the aforementioned privacy policy applies only to this site.As a general rule, this site

includes the pages contained in the address of「」or 「」with an SSL connection.

In addition to handling personal information of our customers in a sensitive manner, this company endeavors to provide a high level of customer service to keep our customers satisfied. We hope you approve of the way our company handles the personal information of our customers.

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